CipherLab 8400 series
Citizen 8400 Mobile Computer
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8400 series
IP54 rating and 1.5 m/ 5 ft. drop resistance

Features & Benefits

  • IP54 rating and 1.5 m/ 5 ft. drop resistance
  • Sustains 1,000 tumbles at 1 m/ 3.3 ft.
  • Bluetooth® and 802.11 b/g connectivity
  • 110 hours of operation under Bluetooth® connectivity, and 35 hours under 802.11 b/g usage
  • Reader choice of linear imager, laser, and 2D imager
  • Terminal emulation ready
  • Optional 39-key keypad with 20 function keys enables full terminal emulation operation
  • Ergonomic tilted scan angle and 2.6” 160x160-pixel display
  • Micro SD card slot available with SDHC support
Accessories: charging and communication cradle, modem cradle, Ethernet cradle, GPRS cradle, protective cover, 4-slot battery charger, vehicle charger, RS232 charging and communication cable, USB charging and communication cable
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